Strength Training

  • woman strength training with man spotting her
    Getting Started With Strength Training: A Beginner’s Guide

    Strength training is the type of workout you need if you want to build a defined, muscular physique. It includes a variety of ...

  • A woman performs a squat while looking in a mirror
    The 3 Absolute Best Exercises to Build Your Glutes

    Don’t lie — you want a nice butt. We’re not judging! (Who doesn’t want a backside that turns heads?). In your pursuit of a perky ...

  • A man lifts weights
    What Happens to Your Body When You Lift Daily?

    You’re hyped. You just PR’d your deadlift and you can’t wait to come back and lift again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. ...

  • A woman spots a man who is lifting weights
    How to Get the Best Muscle Pump of Your Life

    You just finished a set of bicep curls and your muscles feel like they’re about to explode out of your arms. You look in the ...

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