Personal Trainers

Fourteen years ago, Dawne chose a new path for her life. That path was to be an exercise instructor and personal trainer. In the course of that time, she has realized that dream and turned it into a reality. Oh, did she do it? By taking the first step and taking the necessary course to become a spin instructor. Although that is where her passion lies, she didn’t stop there. In the years following, she progressively expanded her education, becoming a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and arthritis/aquacize instructor. Her dedication and hard work paid off as she utilizes all these skills today at World Gym Bay Shore. Dawne has a stout and dedicated group of spinners in her Tuesday and Saturday morning classes along with a devoted cross train crew and an aquacize group on Monday morning. This is aside from the many individuals she has personally trained over the years. She has developed and progressed as a trainer and instructor at World Gym Bay Shore because her motto is, “When you teach, you learn.” She has participated in many local races including the Suffolk County Half Marathon in 2015 and continues to challenge herself, as well as, her clients. Dawne looks forward to many more years at World Gym Bay Shore working with her current and future clientele.

Barbara is a certified Personal Trainer through AAPTE (Academy of Applied Personal Training in Education) from Hofstra University. She has been working as a personal trainer at World Gym Bay Shore since 2005. She is also certified as a spin instructor and has taught Pilates reformer style training. Barbara believed that anyone can improve their fitness level no matter what their physical condition may be. The age of her clients range from 10-77. She feels workouts that are functional and complement your lifestyle will make daily life more enjoyable and will improve you quality of life. She enjoys making workouts interesting and challenging so that her clients are having fun while staying interested and focused. Barbara currently enjoys running, spinning and circuit training style workouts.

Jonathan dedicates countless hours learning about the human body and its relationship to exercise and nutrition. He furthered his education in personal training by completing the Academy of Applied Personal Training in Education personal training course and nationally accredited personal trainer-exercise fitness specialist certification in July 2011. Additionally, he is a graduate of Dowling College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. Jonathan developed “Empowered Training,” a small group training program, at World Gym Bay Shore. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, Coach J designs each session to work with your needs and around any limitation to jump start your fitness journey. Every “Empowered” package includes nutritional coaching and measurements to monitor your results to get to know you and your life style in and out of the gym. Spending three years working in a boot camp facility, Jonathan has experience working in a group setting of 15-25 people. He is dedicated and passionate, helping clients overcome health and fitness obstacles. He believes with motivation and the guidance of a fitness specialist, any goal is possible. He take great pride in the privilege of assisting his clients to successfully meet their goals.

If you had told Terry 20 years ago that one day she’d be an AAPTE certified personal trainer, exercise fitness specialist, and spin instructor with numerous long-distance cycling events and four half-marathons under her belt, she might have laughed. At that time, she was just beginning a serious fitness regimen to help overcome her lifelong battle with asthma. What began as doctor’s orders quickly became a passion for health and fitness, and a deep desire to help others overcome their own obstacles to a healthier, more satisfying life. Now in her tenth year as a trainer, Terry is well known around the gym for her upbeat attitude, enthusiasm, and high-energy spin classes. Affable, unintimidating, and an excellent motivator, she works well with people of all ages and fitness levels. A strong believer in the many benefits of strength training, she’ll help you build confidence through custom workouts that are both challenging and fun. From day one, you’ll have a fitness partner committed to your success.

Bill is the General Manager at World Gym Bay Shore, and oversees the performance of the personal training staff. His focus is to ensure that staff personnel maximize the fitness training experience of their clients by focusing on training methods that are functionally safe, adaptive and effective. He is a graduate of SUNY Cortland with a degree in Physical Education. His fitness career includes Fitness Director at The Vertical club in NYC and General Manager of Greg Buttle’s Health and Fitness Centers of Long Island. He has been a certified personal trainer through The National Strength and Conditioning Association since 1994. Additionally, he has been a faculty member and primary instructor for the Academy of Applied Personal Training in Education since its inception in 1996. The AAPTE is a nationally accredited personal training course and part of Hofstra University’s continuing education curriculum.