Halloween World Gym    October 30, 2012

On a dark Tuesday evening of 30th Oct, Flower Valley area of Thane paid homage to the very own ghostly tradition, dating its roots as old as 16th century. "Bow to the ghosts, its 'Halloween night'", where Rest in Peace was taken literally. The folklore says Halloween celebration indicates, the beginning of dark winter and the end of harvest period in Western countries, as the clocks change the timings 2 days before Halloween. The celebration generally includes a ghost costume party and a famous game- 'Trick or Treat', the kids dressed in costumes knock on every door to collect treats (candies/sweets) or they trick (a threat or Witch curse).

World Gym is a global franchised gym conceiving its roots from U.S.A and has spread across 22 countries, now in India too. Thane, World Gym follows the same route under the execution of Thane branch Managing Director & Chairman. Mr. Prabodh Davkhare, a firm believer of team spirit. A jubilant staff of 48 members put in a week of hard work by hand painting the whole gym, converting it to a dungeon. An active participation was visible from housekeeping to the manager. The staff was donned with costumes, a 20kg huge pumpkin was handcrafted by mighty trainers.

Members/ clients of the gym were served a special welcome drink, symbolizing 'blood'. Members also relished on 'live barbeque'. A black dress code was made strict and was followed by all, some excited members also were seen in costumes, and the gym trainers assisted the members in 'spooky face painting', complementary. Some members also brought their children to experience the thrill. A 3D cake was the showstopper of this evening, shaped as a Halleen pumpkin, as realistic as the carved pumpkin.

It was a nice amalgamation of members and staff, galvanized by enjoyment and satisfaction. Testimoning the same, was a proud and a happy member, Mr. Satyanathan, "I have never seen any gym celebrating any traditions as lively as this. I'm very happy to be associated with this gym where exercising is always executed with fun".

A galore night went on till 10pm with a lot of satisfying faces that proved an overwhelming justification to be with World Gym. It shall always be remembered with fond pictures captured and forever fond memories and rare to see ghosts running on treadmills.

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