Welcome to WORLD GYM WEBSTER, 24-HOUR GYM & CROSSFIT, Webster's only 24-HOUR KEY CARD CLUB..............the gym that never sleeps! We are the home of serious cardio. fitness, circuit training, natural bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Crossfit. Come train any day, any night, anytime.

Check out WEST MAIN CROSSFIT, now offering weekend classes inside our gym. E-mail Zach Middleton at zdmiddl@yahoo.com to reserve your Crossfit class time.

WORLD GYM WEBSTER is the only full-scale gym of its size in Western New York that offers its members 24/7 ACCESS TO THE GYM, 365 DAYS A YEAR! We are the LONGEST RUNNING GYM IN WEBSTER, celebrating our 18-year anniversary in March, 2015. We were also voted BEST OF WEBSTER by the U.S. COMMERCE ASSOCIATION. All this for as little as $19 A MONTH! We also offer FREE MEMBERSHIPS through SILVER & FIT and many other HMO'S.

WORLD GYM WEBSTER is locally owned by a HEALTH TEACHER, and promotes drug-free NATURAL HEALTH & FITNESS, in a friendly, non-intimidating environment..............We're all about THE WORKOUT, 24 hours a day. NO DISTRACTIONS.

Our members can PLAY HARD and CROSS TRAIN at WORLD GYM WEBSTER, 24/7. Our new CROSS TRAINING CIRCUIT comes complete with monkey bars, rings, ropes, bands, heavy bags, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, wall ball targets, rowers, bumper barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells. Why pay $15 a session, or $150 a month for group cross training classes at other gyms? We are the only gym in the area with 24/7 access to the cross training workout, AND group CROSSFIT classes on weekends. Crossfit memberships include 24/7 access to the gym!

Every year our members make improvements, and so do we. In 2011, we added ALL NEW SPORTSART TREADMILLS. For 2012, ALL NEW FLAT SCREEN TV'S. For 2013, $40,000 in improvements have added an exclusive CROSS-TRAINING area for CROSSFIT workouts. In 2014, another $30,000 improvement added the best powerlifting equipment available, including an Elite FTS MONOLIFT, FORZA competition benches, and PENDLAY BUMPER PLATES for our power platform. Come find out what 2015 has in store for us!

Cardio Equipment • Free-weights & Machines • Open 24 Hours • Personal Training • Showers • Supplements • Tanning

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