Welcome to Kids World Creche!

Kids World at World Gym Bunbury warmly welcomes you and your family to our amazing creche. Our facilities and programs are structured so that your children look forward to coming with you to the gym.
We believe that if they enjoy their time here, you will have a better, stress free workout.


Please schedule booking times in advance via the online booking system. Please cancel bookings if you are unable to attend so your spot can be re-allocated. If you are running late please let us know as your spot will be filled if you have not signed in by the allotted time.

To make your children's time in creche a safe and enjoyable experience, we have a few general rules.

Rules and Regulations

All children are to be brought into Kids World and signed in by their Parent or Guardian.
Parents must ensure their children have been to the toilet prior to drop off.
Please ensure all babies or toddlers have clean nappies on when dropped off.
Unless the child is asleep, please leave prams in your car.

Please remove your children’s shoes at drop off. All shoes should be placed in a bag marked with a permanent marker, with the child’s name.

All bags containing personal belongings and food can be placed on a hook and name written on the erasable tag.
Please place any morning/afternoon tea in a clearly marked bag or container. Please restrict food items to sandwiches, crackers, fruit and water. No NUT based foods are permitted.

Children will receive their snacks at these times and all left overs will be returned to their container so the parents know what they have eaten.
All babies are to be fed prior to entering Kids World.

Please do not bring your child to Kids World if they are sick or showing symptoms of being sick. Entry to Kids World is at the discretion of the carer. Parents will be collected if;

  • Their child is showing obvious signs of illness, such as vomiting, fever etc
  • Their child is crying excessively or is visibly distressed
  • If their baby requires feeding.
  • If any serious misbehaviour takes place